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Athlete of the Month for August 2017

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August is here!!!  That means it is time to announce the Athlete of the Month for August 2017.  This month, we gave this award to a member who comes early almost every morning of the week.  She gets pumped up and energized before going to work managing small children.  While she might be quiet at 5:15am, don’t let her fool you, she packs a punch.  She has shown a lot of progress over the last few months always making sure she has proper mechanics before adding the intensity.  She is always friendly, motivated, and can be seen at our social events.  She is even participating in our first IA Team Competition later this month.  The Athlete of the Month for August 2017 is:

Jennifer McNamara

1.      Where are you from originally?  I am originally from Pittsburgh.  I grew up in a small neighborhood in the city called Crafton Heights.  

2.     If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh?

3.     Where do you work?  I work for Pittsburgh Public Schools.  I am a Principal at a middle school…which I absolutely love!!

4.     What is your favorite hobby?  Considering I have two boys (one two and one three), work full time, and go to school part time I don’t have a ton of time for hobbies…unless you consider digging in the dirt and building couch forts adult hobbies 🙂  

Seriously though, I would say working out every morning is one of my main ones.  I absolutely love it!  When I do have extra time, I love to watch Pittsburgh sports teams, boating, running, reading, and anything that takes me outdoors.

5.     How did you discover CrossFit?  I discovered CrossFit through my own curiosity from hearing about it on social media.  I began to look at different places in the area and came across this one.  It was close to my home so I decided to sign up for the fundamentals program.  I was hooked after the first two weeks.

6.     When did you start CrossFit?  August 2016

7.     Why did you start CrossFit?  I was looking for a way to get back into working out after a few years “break” from a regular exercise routine and wanted something that had higher intensity and structure.   

8.     What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit?  Back squats for sure…especially heavier weight.  I also like box jumps and WODs that include running.

9.     What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit?  Definitely snatches (probably because I know I need to get better at them)

10.  What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at?  Snatches and pull ups

11.  What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics?  My favorite are the coaches and the members.  I like the availability of the coaches when I have a question or need help with something and the members are always encouraging and supportive.

12.  What is your favorite CrossFit WOD?  I love workouts that push my cardio endurance that are paired with strength moves.  Workouts that include running, core work, and legs are my favorite

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