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New Monthly Programming Feature

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Starting this month (October) we will be adding a new feature to the Programming at Industrial Athletics.  Generally speaking, we all do a great job of tracking our max effort lifts.  We create spreadsheets and use apps to keep track of things like a 1 rep back squat or a 1 rep squat snatch.  We then use percentages of those max lifts in our regular programming and to help us pick scaling for certain workouts.  However, CrossFit is not about lifting weights.  Sure, it is one of the modalities we train, but what about cardio and gymnastics.  What about our general work capacity over a broad number of generalized fitness tests?  One of the great aspects of CrossFit is our ability to measure our output and fitness levels.  So, we are going to start doing that on a monthly/yearly basis.

Starting this month, we will be adding a skill movement and benchmark workout that we will test during the same month every year.  We will do this in conjunction with our regular max effort lifting program.  The goal is to create a big picture of your fitness across cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics.  We will use this picture to help assess your level of fitness, help track your progress, and help you choose the best scaling option.

For October, our heavy lifting movements will be Snatch and Deadlift.  Our skill will be pistols.  Our benchmark WODs will be “DT” and “Kelly.”  Here’s how it will work: 

Throughout October, we will practice pistols and pistol progressions.  Then, at the end of the month, you will spend 1 minute establishing your max effort reps at your chosen pistol progression.  Come next October, we will retest this skill.  If you complete your minute at a higher skill level, or complete more reps at the same skill level, we know you are getting fitter in that category.  The lifts, skills, and benchmarks will change every month.  So, make sure you are tracking your progress.

(Coach’s Corner Participants using FitBot will have these benchmarks preloaded for tracking and graphing purposes)

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